Traditional Values. Technology Empowered. Tomorrow’s Leaders.


Transitional Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

Stoneybrooke Christian Schools offers quality elementary instruction from Transitional Kindergarten through sixth grade. The staff is committed to providing an educational program that seeks to develop excellence in a student spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. The core curriculum has been selected to achieve these goals within a Christ-centered, Bible-based program. In addition to the traditional core curriculum, the students are exposed to a wide range of educational experiences through the enrichment courses offered at Stoneybrooke. These enrichment courses include art, music, technology, science lab, library skills, Spanish, and physical education.

Please take a moment to review the descriptions below of each grade level:



Instruction is aligned with the California Content Standards, where appropriate, and in many cases exceeds the standards. Additionally, the core subjects are on a five-year review cycle that allows for reevaluation of the curriculum based on the school’s core values and Expected School-wide Learning Results

Elementary Facilities

Everything necessary to run the school’s programs is in close proximity to the students.  The field, playground and lunch area are all located within a short walking distance from any classroom.  The auditorium/sanctuary is large enough to hold all classes for chapels and special assemblies.  The gym serves all PE classes and is utilized by after-school sports teams.  Our well equipped science lab is scheduled regularly for hands-on instruction. The library contains over 9,000 volumes and serves students well. Technology is strategically located throughout the campus: computers are found in each classroom and a computer lab is scheduled for classroom instruction throughout the week with a dedicated technology teacher. Also, interactive white boards are installed in each Kindergarten through sixth grade classroom to enhance the instructional mission of the school.  Classrooms are large and spacious affording the students plenty of room for instructional activities. This campus is well suited to provide the physical space for an excellent Christian education.