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Student Success Program

The SSP program is an educational learning assistance program designed for students who need additional support in order to achieve grade level success. The SSP program is designed to include all important members of the student’s school life: parents, teachers, resource director, and administration, collaboratively working together to create and build ongoing academic, social, spiritual and self monitoring success in each student.

The SSP program functions as a Supplemental Independent Program and fees are paid directly to the program director on a monthly basis.

Resource Director

Cheryl Hilario is a credentialed classroom teacher with many years of elementary experience. She has served as a Resource Teacher/ Director in two local Christian schools. She is also a credentialed School Psychologist with her Masters Degree in School Psychology and a Bachelors degree in Psychology. An additional Bachelors degree in theology gives her a well-balanced view of the fields of theology and psychology.

Services Offered

2 times per week at 45 minutes per session:  $210.00 per month

1 time per week at 45 minutes per session:  $110.00 per month

Contact Information

If interested, please contact Ms. Hilario directly at [email protected] or by phone (949) 233-8735