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It is critical that children experience a well-rounded education as they grow mentally and spiritually. Our elementary “enrichment” program aims to fill the gap of learning between the classroom and the outside world. Students are immersed in subjects such as physical education and music that test athletic ability, critical thinking and other important skills…

Meet the Masters (1st – 6th Grade)MTM.jpg

This extensive program takes each child into the world of art where they are enriched with information about the artist, their expression of art, and the techniques they used to create their masterpieces. The children are taught texture, line, abstract, realism, pointillism, and the list goes on. They learn about the lives of the “masters”and their background. Once they are imparted with this information they then have the joy of implementing the art techniques themselves with actual various art mediums. You only need see the joy in the children’s faces to know this is an excellent program.

At Stoneybrooke, Meet the Masters is funded through SPO from generous contributions from our families. Each year we engage in a fundraiser that will support next years’ program. The cost of the program for each Stoneybrooke child is $10.00 per year! That includes supplies, lectures, and actual hands-on application. All our in-class projects are taught by Stoneybrooke parents who have a passion to impart the love of art to the children. There are six projects throughout the year, and each child’s art masterpiece is displayed in the “Gallery Halls” on each campus. There are many opportunities to become involved with Meet the Masters! For more information about this excellent program, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Music (Kindergarten – 6th Grade)

music.jpgStoneybrooke is excited to offer a strong music program which includes vocal training, ear training, music reading with rhythm hand drums and various rhythm instruments. Students also have many opportunities to participate in worship and lead others throughout the year. Each student will participate in a school-wide musical production once per year.

4th grade students receive direct instruction with the recorder. In 5th and 6th grade they work in groups learning the violin and the guitar. The students who choose to continue in their music skills have an opportunity to use their God given gifts in our worship chapels. Students who receive outside instruction on the piano may perform in the annual ACSI Music Festival.

Physical Education (Kindergarten – 6th Grade)

pe.jpgThe Physical Education program at Stoneybrooke seeks to educate students through movement. During PE classes, early elementary students develop their locomotor movements as well as develop object and body control skills. All other students will learn a variety of sports skill development including volleyball, basketball, soccer, street hockey and more. They will be given opportunities to exercise and learn about physical fitness and health while emphasizing social and interpersonal skills. It is our goal that Stoneybrooke PE students will grow in their skills, confidence and Christian faith through participation, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Spanish (1st Grade – 6th Grade)

Conversa, founded by two Spanish teachers in 2004, provides Spanish instruction to K-8 in public and private schools throughout Orange County. Conversa uses a structured, engaging program with the goal of enabling children to communicate effectively in a second language.

Conversa’s customized curriculum is based on the most popular structures in the Spanish language and utilizes those structures in authentic communication. Conversa teachers use the TPRS approach (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling), a language acquisition strategy that allows students to learn grammar, reading and writing along with conversation by listening, speaking and repeating patterns, in much the same way they acquired their first language. The TPRS approach builds communicative and comprehensible language skills in children by teaching in a low anxiety, high interest, active and natural environment.

Technology (1st Grade – 6th Grade)

tech.jpgStoneybrooke students enjoy formal instruction in Microsoft Office, Google Docs and many other software programs. Project-based, hands-on learning has students create illustrations, stories, reports, slide-shows, and even animated shorts. Throughout every year keyboarding skills and typing speed are increased through instruction, fun, practice, and regular testing. In addition, students in grades 4 through 6 learn about simple machines and robotics using Lego Dacta and Midstorm EV3 kits.

The robust and creative Technology curriculum also includes internet safety, internet research, and more. Student projects at every level – grades one through eight – are designed to teach technology skills and, at the same time, reinforce learning in reading, writing, language, history, geography, math, spelling, and, of course, Bible! Students love technology at Stoneybrooke and are highly skilled when they graduate.