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Accelerated Reader (AR) is the most popular and successful reading product of all time. AR’s advanced technology benefits students with essential reading practice. By personalizing reading practice to each student’s current level, teachers and parents can focus on building an effective individual reading plan.


AR is part of a software platform called Renaissance Place that is available to all students. Students can access this program from any computer at either campus, but not from home. Once a student has read a book, either individually or as a class, they may take a “reading quiz” in AR. Teachers keep track of students’ progress and share this information with parents.

There are over 130,000 quizzes in AR for a wide variety of books. Many of these books can be found in the Stoneybrooke library. Even more exciting is that our librarian and many volunteers have gone to great lengths to put special color-coded labels on these books indicating their reading levels! This has proven extremely value for students during library time to find books appropriate for their reading level.

Here are 3 valuable resources below for parents and students. First, download this guide to understand the program a little better.

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Search “AR Bookfind” for all available quizzes for Accelerated Reader Use the same username and password as at school Browse the Stoneybrooke library