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Junior High

Preparing Students for High School and Beyond!

Stoneybrooke Junior High is a two-year program that focuses on preparing students for high school. Students received a well-rounded education focusing on English, math, bible, language arts and a variety of other subjects.

Instruction is aligned with the California Content Standards, where appropriate, and in many cases exceeds the standards. Additionally, the core subjects are on a five-year review cycle that allows for reevaluation of the curriculum based on the school’s core values and Expected School-wide Learning Results.

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Junior High Facilities

Junior high students have access to many resources throughout the school day. The large field and blacktop area are accessible for PE classes and after-school sports programs. While students bring their own iPads, they also utilize a technology lab with a 1:1 computer ratio, 3d printers and media equipment.

The auditorium/sanctuary is used daily for music classes as well as chapel programs. The gym serves all PE classes and is utilized by after-school sports teams. Science classes are taught in a newly-renovated lab that emphasizes hands-on instruction. The library contains over 9,000 volumes and serves students well. Interactive white boards and Apple TV’s are installed in all junior high classrooms to enhance the instructional mission of the school. Classrooms are large and spacious affording the students plenty of room for instructional activities and lockers are provided for the storage of books. This campus is well suited to provide the physical space for an excellent Christian education!