Traditional Values. Technology Empowered. Tomorrow’s Leaders.

From the desk of Miss Worel

Dear Friends,

sherry_worelFor those of us who love Stoneybrooke Christian Schools it’s difficult to offer an unbiased opinion about this very special place. This is not to say that we don’t have room for improvement. To the contrary, we’re constantly evaluating and re-evaluating, ever striving to be more effective.

But we also recognize that Stoneybrooke is a unique place, the kind of school we would have loved to attend as children, and certainly the kind of school which kids today so desperately need.

When Stoneybrooke Christian School was founded in 1983, we knew from the start that this would be no ordinary school. The commitment established then ensured that Stoneybrooke would be distinct. That commitment — to provide a nurturing environment in which we shape the character, expand the mind and love the child — still permeates all that we do.

The Emphasis at Stoneybrooke: Children are like pliable clay which must be sculpted into beautiful, unique shapes. At Stoneybrooke Christian Schools we consider the most important part of this process to be the molding of a child’s character. Through example, instruction and personal attention we endeavor to instill the qualities which will endure for a lifetime.

Stoneybrooke students are taught from God’s Word the high value of integrity, respect, compassion, loyalty, love and a wealth of other character traits.

The Education at Stoneybrooke: Our world is shaken daily by a veritable explosion of knowledge. Consider the facts: The information once stored in room-sized computers can now be accessed with units held in the palm of a child’s hand! Ninety percent of all the scientists who have ever lived are alive today.

Major industries are being dramatically affected by the introduction of robots and artificially intelligent machines capable of astonishing workloads. This is the world into which we are sending our children, so it is imperative that they be equipped to think well, to learn fast, to manage information and to adapt readily to change. The Stoneybrooke educational experience is structured to produce these very results, expanding the mind while preparing the student to face life’s challenges with confidence.

The Environment at Stoneybrooke: Our commitment to providing a nurturing environment really gets to the heart of why we exist as a school. A Stoneybrooke hallmark is our conviction that each child is a special person who needs to learn, but needs as well to be loved. For us, this translates to a thousand and one activities and expressions. It’s a gentle hug of greeting to begin the day. It’s a word of encouragement for a job well done. It’s a word of reinforcing concern for a job not so well done. It’s a phone call to cheer a sick child and say, “we miss you!” It’s a concerted effort to prevent a student from feeling “left out.”

It’s so very much in so very many ways; and at Stoneybrooke, it’s simply the way things are. As you read these colorful pages, I hope you’ll get a good picture not just of what we are, but also of what we are becoming. Stoneybrooke Christian Schools, like its energetic student body, is ever growing, ever maturing, ever moving toward the ideals we cherish. If you’re looking for a school endeavoring to excel, you’ve found the right place.

Yours sincerely,

      Sherry Worel