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If you are interested in applying for staff positions at Stoneybrooke, please call the school regarding availability (contact information is at the bottom of this page). You may download an application and submit it to one of our school offices. This is recommended so we have it on hand as positions become available.

Employment Application

Faculty Application Process

The application requirements for faculty positions at Stoneybrooke are as follows:

  1. Submit a teaching application available from this link… Employment Application
  2. Include a handwritten explanation of his/her Christian testimony on a separate piece of paper.
  3. Include a copy of his/her current resume.
  4. Contact three individuals, including a former principal (or previous employer) and a pastor, and have them submit letters of reference. (At some point during the interview process, these individuals may be contacted over the phone by a Stoneybrooke administrator.)
  5. Include copies of all college/university transcripts.

Should Stoneybrooke decide to further the application process with a prospective teacher after reviewing his/her application, transcripts and references, the applicant will be contacted for an interview with an administrator. More than one interview may be required.

An observation lesson is the next step in the interview process. This may be done as a “demonstration lesson” in one of our classrooms or as an observation in the applicant’s current classroom (student teaching or otherwise). The applicant will be notified if an observation is necessary.

Having completed an initial interview and an observation lesson, an interview with the superintendent will take place before final hiring. The applicant will be contacted if this interview is necessary.

Teacher Qualifications

Stoneybrooke Christian Schools seeks to employ teachers with the following characteristics…

Good Communicator
Communicates well with students, parents, colleagues and administration; effectively uses a variety of ways to communicate; communicates frequently and promptly; initiates communication when needed; is a good listener.

Takes initiative; desires to grow professionally; continually evaluates effectiveness of programs and takes the necessary steps toward improvement and/or change; implements new knowledge and strategies in the classroom.

Manages time and scheduling of lessons well; sets up classroom routines and practices that enhance learning and teaching; establishes a positive,  productive learning environment, effectively manages classroom procedures, student behavior, and organization of physical space.

Servant’s Heart
Strives to help others and makes himself/herself available in both small and big ways whenever and wherever needed; is flexible; sees a need and meets it; looks for ways to be a blessing to others.

Values Christian Education
Views teaching as a calling and desires ministry in a Christian school; integrates faith and learning.

Able to Motivate and Inspire
Creates opportunities for students to flourish; encourages students, parents and colleagues; instills a love of learning; both low and high achieving students strive to do their very best and are motivated to reach for high standards; inspires students to be passionate about living for Christ.

Values Relationships
Understands importance of relationships within the school community; is approachable; relates well to others; is a team player and works well with others.

Meets and accomplishes everyday tasks with joy and passion; maintains a positive outlook regardless of circumstances; the love of Jesus is evident in their speech, action and reaction; causes others to be positive and enthusiastic as well.

Is willing to try new things; has innovative ideas; inspires the imagination of students; incorporates techniques and strategies that get students to think for themselves.

Spiritual Expectation
Stoneybrooke only hires dedicated Christians to fill teaching positions. Applicants must know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, regularly attend an evangelical church, be a student of the Word of God, and exhibit Christ-likeness in all areas of their lives.